Your Name is Your Identity

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Super easy, super fast set-up!  Using my own name for my email address has been a real conversation starter with friends, family, and business associates alike!”
Trent D - Austin, TX

What will this domain look like under YOUR control?  

Choose from templates included with your subscription.

You don’t need to be a web developer!  It’s as simple as picking a template then providing the text, images, and/or social media profile links you’d like!


Why is TaylorSimmons.com so valuable?

  • Google® returns over 58,300 search results for the name "Taylor Simmons"
  • Over 1,300 times per month, Google® users conduct a phrase search with the name "Taylor Simmons" with something before or after it, for example: "Taylor Simmons LinkedIn profile"
  • The average CPC (cost per click) to advertiser for the name "Taylor Simmons" is $3.22
  • There are 168 LinkedIn profiles returned for "Taylor Simmons"
  • It's a great extension!  .com domains have the highest values and are the most recognized throughout the world!

What would the TaylorSimmons.com website look like under YOUR control?  

  • Choose from FREE templates included with your subscription (No technical experience necessary!)  Just answer questions, tell us what images you want to use, and we do the rest. Alternatively, you can just forward the domain to your business or social profile URLs.  Lastly, for those with developer skills or resources, you have the option of building and hosting on your own, should you'd prefer!
  • Template Examples (more added every month!):

What email will you select?  Me@TaylorSimmons.com?  Taylor@TaylorSimmons.com?  Something else? You make the decision! 

  • Easy access via iOS, Android, as well as web-based email (including Google® Gmail) or applications (such as Microsoft® Outlook). Get set-up on your iPhone or Android device in minutes!

The dot com your given and surname combination has many benefits:


  • Your name is your identity, get control of it before somebody else does

  • The .com of your name is not only cool, but is a professional way to direct people to your website, social media profiles, or resume.

  • Your name is easy to remember.

  • .com domain names are the most common top-level domain for websites, email, and networking in the world

  • Your name will always be relevant.

One hour of FREE Set-up and Technical Support, Included!

Why it makes sense to control the .com that matches your name.

There is only one you and you should be in control of the dotcom of your name.  Get it before someone else does.

Fast and Easy Set-up!  No Technical Experience required.

Setting up your email and website is easy!

We’ll do most of the work for you and be with you every step of the way!