Your Name is Your Identity



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AntonioBernardo.com so valuable?

  • Google® returns over 73,500 search results for the name "Antonio Bernardo"
  • Over 27,100 times per month, Google® users conduct a phrase search with the name "Antonio Bernardo" with something before or after it, for example: "Antonio Bernardo LinkedIn profile"
  • The average CPC (cost per click) to advertiser for the name "Antonio Bernardo" is $0.50
  • There are 470 LinkedIn profiles returned for "Antonio Bernardo"
  • It's a great extension!  .com domains have the highest values and are the most recognized throughout the world!

The dot com your given and surname combination has many benefits:


  • Your name is your identity, get control of it before somebody else does

  • The .com of your name is not only cool, but is a professional way to direct people to your website, social media profiles, or resume.

  • Your name is easy to remember.

  • .com domain names are the most common top-level domain for websites, email, and networking in the world

  • Your name will always be relevant.

Why it makes sense to control the .com that matches your name.

There is only one you and you should be in control of the dotcom of your name.  Get it before someone else does.